The Problem

If the heater on your 944 is out of control and wants to blow hot air as soon as the car warms up, you might have a broken heater support fastener.

Parts and Tools

To fix this, you will need these tools:
  1. #2 Phillips screwdriver
  2. A flashlight or work lamp
And these Porsche part numbers:
  • 944-572-314-00 (Heater support)
  • 944-572-217-00 (Heater clip)


1. Begin by locating the heater control cover under the dash between the driver’s right knee and the center console. footwell

2. Next, be gentle on your knees and lay down a soft mat on the garage floor/driveway just outside the driver’s door. It will help to release the parking brake (unless you want an impression of the handle on your rib cage) and move the driver’s seat all the way back. A few yoga lessons wouldn’t hurt either. Get under your dash and remove the 3 screws holding the plastic cover on. 3 screws

3. Once the cover is off, look and see if you have a broken heater support. It should be painfully obvious if you do. broke support

4. Remove the broken heater support by pinching it with your fingers and pulling it out. Place a new support (Part #944-572-314-00) in its place. I recommend turning the ignition on, twisting the temperature knob to max hot, wait for the mechanism to reach the final limit of its travel, then snap the control arm into the heater support. new support

5. Snap a new heater clip (Part #944-572-217-00) onto the support. new clip

6. This would be a good time to change the support and clip for one of the mixing valves located inches away from the temperature control mechanism. all fixed
7. Button it all up and go driving!

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